TitleDelivered ByCentral PassageTypeDate
Revival 9-23-18Bro. Todd GandySunday,
September 23, 2018
Revival 9-21-18Bro. Todd GandyFriday,
September 21, 2018
Revival 9-20-18Bro. Todd GandyThursday,
September 20, 2018
In a Desolate PlaceBro. Reuel Cruce, Pastor2 Samuel 9:1-4Sunday,
September 16, 2018
New CommitmentsBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorActs 2:12-25Sunday,
September 9, 2018
What's God Doing in Your Life?Bro. Reuel Cruce, PastorMatthew 3:1-6Sunday,
September 2, 2018
Jesus Did it AllBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorJoshua 15:16-19Sunday,
August 26, 2018
Leaving Jesus OutBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorMark 13Sunday,
August 19, 2018
Replacing What God GivesBro. Reuel Cruce, Pastor1 Kings 21:1-3Sunday,
August 12, 2018
One Day Without GodBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorLuke 2:41-50Sunday,
August 5, 2018
In the Midst of the StormBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorMatthew 14:22-33Sunday,
July 29, 2018
Just Another Sunday SermonBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorHebrews 12:16-17Sunday,
July 15, 2018
Free, Free! I've Been Set FreeBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorJohn 8:31-36Sunday,
July 8, 2018
What Comes First?Bro. Reuel Cruce, Pastor2 Timothy 3:18Sunday,
July 1, 2018
How Do I Know?Bro. Reuel Cruce, PastorIsaiah 40:8Sunday,
June 10, 2018
An Eternal NameBro. Reuel Cruce, Pastor1 John 1:1-4Sunday,
June 3, 2018
God Knows AllBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorPsalm 139:1-10Sunday,
May 20, 2018
The Lordship of ChristBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorRomans 14:7-11Sunday,
May 13, 2018
Recognizing GodBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorProverbs 3:5-6Sunday,
April 29, 2018
Responsible ParentsBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorMark 10:13-16Sunday,
April 15, 2018
Called to Join God on MissionBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorJoshua 6:6-16Sunday,
April 8, 2018
A Great ExchangeBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorPhilippians 3:7-10Sunday,
April 1, 2018
Why We Should Come to ChurchBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorRevelation 5Sunday,
March 25, 2018
God Always Comes ThroughBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorJoshua 4:1-7Sunday,
March 18, 2018
The Good NewsBro. Reuel Cruce, Pastor1 Corinthians 15:1-8Sunday,
March 11, 2018
Wake UpBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorLuke 2:21-22Sunday,
March 4, 2018
Be AvailableBro. Reuel Cruce, Pastor1 Corinthians 3:5-8Sunday,
February 25, 2018
You Can Say Yes or You Can Say NoBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorIsaiah 1:18Sunday,
February 11, 2018
Bad News Brings Good NewsBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorRomans 3:9-20Sunday,
February 4, 2018
Replacing GodBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorJeremiah 29:4-14Sunday,
January 28, 2018
Seeing Church as a PriorityBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorHebrews 10:19-25Sunday,
January 21, 2018
Respond ImmediatelyBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorMark 1:9-15Sunday,
January 14, 2018
Count it all Joy!Bro. Reuel Cruce, PastorJames 1:2-4Sunday,
December 31, 2017
The Christmas StoryBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorLuke 2:8-21Sunday,
December 24, 2017
The Invitation/Children's Christmas ProgramBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorRevelation 22:16-17Sunday,
December 17, 2017
Steps to Coming BackBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorPsalm 51Sunday,
December 3, 2017
Sad Words in Chapter 8Bro. Reuel Cruce, PastorJeremiah 8Sunday,
November 19, 2017
Jesus on the CrossBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorLuke 23:39-43Sunday,
November 5, 2017
Jesus (compared to us)Bro. Reuel Cruce, PastorJohn 13Sunday,
October 29, 2017
Spirit Controlled (A Continuation)Bro. Reuel Cruce, PastorMatthew 22:23-33Sunday,
October 22, 2017
Spirit-controlled (continuation)Bro. Reuel Cruce, PastorActs 2:14-24Sunday,
October 15, 2017
Spirit-controlled (Cont'd)Bro. Reuel Cruce, Pastor1 Thessalonians 1:1-10Sunday,
October 8, 2017
Spirit-controlled (Continued)Bro. Reuel Cruce, PastorActs 8:26-40Sunday,
October 1, 2017
Spirit-controlledBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorActs 13:1-9Sunday,
September 24, 2017
Rapture ReadyBro. Reuel Cruce, Pastor1 Thessalonians 4:13-18Sunday,
August 27, 2017
Small ChoicesBro. Reuel Cruce, Pastor2 Samuel 18:24-33Sunday,
August 6, 2017
No Better TimeBro. Reuel Cruce, Pastor2 Corinthians 6:1-2Sunday,
July 23, 2017
Thinking About Your EnemiesBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorMatthew 5:43-48Sunday,
July 16, 2017
A Focused HeartBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorDaniel 1Sunday,
July 9, 2017
Confessing in UncertaintyBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorIsaiah 6Sunday,
June 18, 2017
Sin Entered by PretendingBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorActs 5:1-14Sunday,
June 4, 2017
God is for UsBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorGenesis 6:1-7Sunday,
May 21, 2017
The Authority of the ChurchBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorMatthew 16:13-18Sunday,
May 14, 2017
The Main Focus of Our LivesBro. Reuel Cruce, Pastor1 Corinthians 10:23-31Sunday,
May 7, 2017
Living in an Uncertain DayBro. Reuel Cruce, Pastor1 Peter 4:7-11Sunday,
April 23, 2017
Moving PowerBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorMark 16:1-7Sunday,
April 16, 2017
Telling God NoBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorLuke 14:16-24Sunday,
April 9, 2017
Spiritual BeggarsBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorMark 10:35-52Sunday,
April 2, 2017
Looking for PeaceBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorPhilippians 4:1-4Sunday,
March 26, 2017
Foundation-shaking ChangeBro. Reuel Cruce, PastorActs 16:16-33Sunday,
March 19, 2017
Who Will Step Up & Step OutBro. Reuel CruceLuke 4:14-21Sunday,
March 12, 2017
Watch for Distractions (Part 2)Bro. Reuel CruceColossians 2Sunday,
March 5, 2017
Watch for Distractions (Part 1)Bro. Reuel CruceColossians 2Sunday,
March 5, 2017
Handling Tough SchedulesBro. Reuel CruceMatthew 6:19-33Sunday,
February 26, 2017
In Need of a Turning PointBro. Reuel Cruce2 Kings 5:1-14Saturday,
February 18, 2017
Guest SpeakerBrandon McMillanSunday,
February 12, 2017
Bringing Back a Dead ArmyBro. Reuel CruceEzekiel 37:1-10Sunday,
February 12, 2017
Give it All to JesusBro. Reuel CruceMark 14:1-9Sunday,
February 5, 2017
We Have a Ways to GoBro. Reuel CruceJohn 1:35-42Sunday,
January 22, 2017
Having a Heart of GodBro. Reuel CrucePsalm 59Sunday,
January 15, 2017
Hindering the UnhinderedBro. Reuel CrucePsalm 78:25-41Sunday,
January 8, 2017
Another CrisisBro. Reuel CruceNehemiah 5:1-6Sunday,
January 1, 2017
Who's Going to be Your King this Christmas?Bro. Reuel CruceMatthew 1:16-17Sunday,
December 25, 2016
The Fullness of TimeBro. Reuel CruceGalations 4:1-7Sunday,
December 18, 2016
Comfort at ChristmasBro. Reuel CruceIsaiah 7:14Sunday,
December 11, 2016
Believing the UnbelievableBro. Reuel CruceMatthew 1:18-25Sunday,
December 4, 2016
True FaithBro. Reuel CruceRomans 1:1-7Sunday,
November 27, 2016
Prepared by GodBro. Reuel Cruce1 Samuel 16:11-18Sunday,
November 20, 2016
Why the Antichrist?Bro. Reuel CruceMatthew 24Sunday,
November 13, 2016
Coming CleanBro. Reuel CruceLuke 5:12-15Sunday,
November 6, 2016
Destroying the ChurchBro. Reuel CruceMatthew 9:32-38Sunday,
October 30, 2016
God is Still at WorkBro. Reuel CruceMatthew 3:1-12Sunday,
October 23, 2016
Refocusing on What's FirstBro. Reuel CruceRevelation 2:1-7Sunday,
October 16, 2016
You're Here for a ReasonBro. Reuel CruceGenesis 8:1-20Sunday,
October 9, 2016
A Promise in the CloudsBro. Reuel CruceGenesis 9:8-17Sunday,
October 2, 2016
Wrong Choices & Fresh StartsBro. Reuel CruceMatthew 21:28-32Sunday,
September 18, 2016
He's Never LateBro. Reuel CruceJohn 11:1-6Sunday,
September 11, 2016
There is No Gospel Without a CrossBro. Reuel Cruce1 Corinthians 1:18-25Sunday,
September 4, 2016
The Opposite of a GrudgeBro. Reuel CruceMatthew 18:21-22Sunday,
August 28, 2016
No Matter Who You AreBro. Reuel CruceMark 5:21-43Sunday,
August 21, 2016
Living UnafraidBro. Reuel CrucePsalm 27Sunday,
August 14, 2016
When is Insufficient Enough?Bro. Reuel CruceMark 8:1-9Sunday,
August 7, 2016
Why We WorshipBro. Reuel CruceRevelation 5Sunday,
July 31, 2016
What Will You Do With the Rest of Your Life?Bro. Reuel Cruce1 Peter 4:1-6Sunday,
July 24, 2016
Finding God in IsolationBro. Reuel CruceExodus 3:1-6Sunday,
July 17, 2016
Sensitive Servants to the Holy SpiritBro. Reuel CruceActs 8:28-39Sunday,
July 10, 2016
The LORD is my ShepherdBro. Reuel CrucePsalm 23:1Monday,
July 4, 2016
Beware of the WolvesBro. Reuel CruceMatthew 7:15-23Sunday,
June 12, 2016
Riches in Jesus - A Promise of an InheritanceBro. Reuel CruceEphesiansSunday,
June 5, 2016
Teaching Our Children/Riches in Jesus - RedemptionBro. Chuck Harrod / Bro. Reuel CruceEphesiansSunday,
May 29, 2016
Riches in Jesus (3)Bro. Reuel CruceEphesians 1Sunday,
May 22, 2016
Riches in Jesus (2)Bro. Reuel CruceEphesians 2Sunday,
May 15, 2016
Riches in Jesus (1)Bro. Reuel CruceEphesians 1Sunday,
May 8, 2016
How to Avoid Becoming a Pillar of SaltBro. Reuel CruceLuke 17:26-33Sunday,
May 1, 2016
One MotiveBro. Reuel CrucePhilippians 1:20Sunday,
April 24, 2016
Ways to Understand Simple FaithBro. Reuel CruceMark 9:14-29Sunday,
April 17, 2016
A Tale of Two SonsBro. Reuel CruceLuke 15:11-24Sunday,
April 10, 2016